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Labeller Mod. Medical 3

Labeller 3 lines

Product description

1. Our PRINTEX 3 MEDICAL Handlabeller has three print lines with 11 - 12 or 14 digits each. The layouts are available on the first or second or on the third print line in the following versions:
• numeric 1, 2, 3…to 0)
• alpha (A, B, C, D… to Z)
• alphanumeric digits (A to Z and 1 to 0)

You can customize any of the label

Labels of all languages and Personalization Company,with Indicators. 3 Lines whith 11+11+11 Digits Numerical And Alphanumerical.

with indicator

Labels of different colors - without indicator

Labeller 3 lines

Labels with Indicators,”SAMPLES”


Important NEW Item

On 32x28mm Label size,there are 14 digits each line of print, so you can have many different possibilities of labeling according to the urgent needs. 14 Digits with H of 3.5 mm and 5 mm-Numerical and Alphanumerical, and months of the year, and year (2013) in one


Original Ink- roll for Labeller print - Three Print Lines

Labeller 3 lines